5 Traits of An Empowered Woman

Empowered women. Does not mean that they are perfect, does not mean that they are feminists, also doesn’t mean that they are bossy and think they are always right and never make mistakes. An empowered woman is someone who knows she’s powerful, she knows her strengths and weaknesses. Petty things do not annoy her, she is willing to take control of her life and work on things that need to be approved. A lot of women call themselves empowered, as much as we all want that to be true, it actually is a difficult thing to do. The best thing is they are so inspiring, it’s like they walk in a room and you can feel her confidence which is undoubtedly automatically attractive. She is not afraid of speaking her mind and considers all her actions and reactions to the decisions we make, even learning from her mistakes is one of her steps to becoming a better person every day. Here are further signs that you are in the presence of empowered women:

1- Takes a stand- An empowered woman knows what she stands for and when to take stand. She will always take stand on what she truly believes in and will never let something wrong happen to anyone.

2- Takes responsibility of her actions- An empowered woman neither take anyone’s crap nor she throws her own crap on someone else, she knows her limits and doesn’t like the blame game. She deals with her own things even if it is a rough path for a day or even few days, or even having a rough past experience doesn’t stop her from achieving all that she has set her mind to.

3- Believes in empowered relationships- If you want to be with an empowered woman, you need to be strong and able to handle yourself because empowered women only welcome people who don’t play mind games and are supportive. Relationships that involve respect, freedom, and empowerment are what is required by empowered women.

4- Follows her inner voice– An inner compass is what they follow. She follows her instincts and keeps the balance of what is right meaning constant communication with her heart and brain is a necessity.

5- Empowers other women- Let’s welcome the new trend of women empowering each other instead of gossiping, backbiting and spreading rumors. Let’s support each other and omit the jealousy.

Here are new books that can give you a head start on understanding what you have to do to improve into being the better version of yourself:

1- One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant– If you are someone who is going through problems and feel like there’s no way out then this book will help you through it as it helps to motivate you and help you sort out and improve yourself emotionally and spiritually.

2- 10 Overlooked Secrets To Dynamic Female To Female by Maz Schirmer- This book encloses up to 10 secrets for women to work on themselves that they might never consider. This book also holds a personal touch as the author herself has had a rough past and coming out of it has been the best feeling for her and she wants others to tap into that leadership quality a woman has but just sometimes can’t figure out by herself.

3- A Piece of Cake: A Memoir by Cupcake Brown- Although the author of this book has had very devastation moments in life that can actually drive a person to drastic negative measures despite nothing to have gone right, the author still beat everything that was bound to make her miserable. If she can turn her life around then so can you.