All You Need to Know Before Opening aMarijuana Dispensary

The approval of adult use of the Marijuana Act on November 8, 2016, has created a wide range ofopportunities for the marijuana business in California. Today, people can start
their own marijuana dispensaries without any fear of getting impeached.

The perfect time for all small-scale outlets

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Restrictions on the buying and selling of marijuana

Though approval has been granted, there are still some restrictions if you want to buy marijuana online. They include:

  • The Website is not allowed to open a marijuana business within a 600-feet radius from any institution like schools, day-care centres, and youth centres.
  • It is not allowed to sell marijuana to minors.
  • People who are less than 21 years old will not be given any license to sell marijuana.
  • Already existing large marijuana outlets will not be given any license to provide
    better opportunities to small-scale entrepreneurs.

Different types of licenses and documents

Different types of documents and licenses are required to hold a marijuana business, this includes the following:

  • A separate license has to be obtained from the Bureau of Marijuana Control to
    open a marijuana business within a state.
  • To establish a marijuana business, an entrepreneur has to submit a fictitious
    business name with the district clerk.
  • Astate license entrepreneur will need to procure a license to
    a marijuana business from the local city hall.
  • An entirely different type of license is required for all those people who wish to
    open a marijuana business from their own homes.
  • Along with the above licenses, all entrepreneurs will have to submit the documents required to set up a marijuana business in California.


Marijuana business is one of the best businesses trending in California today. The legalization of this business has helped a lot of small-scale entrepreneurs tostart their own marijuana business. The technology has further helped allentrepreneurs to buy the most affordable weed to help them entertain theirpotential clients.