Flashh Launches Disappearing Social Media Messaging App

Flashh, an impermanent social media messaging startup, announces the launch of its online platform at www.flashhapp.com, with iPhone mobile app scheduled for release soon.

Flashh users share& discover vanishing online moments (called Flashhs) with friends. Users can send each other Flashh messages, photos, videos, & links (which instantly disappear when closed) or Post Flashhs to the Feed for all their followers to find, comment, and engage.

Flashh is incredibly easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  • Write or Upload a new Flashh using the Flashh box on your Profile Page
  • Select Message and / or Post
  • Choose which friends to message or set the post timer to control how long you’d like the Flashh to display before it disappears
  • Click the Flashh button to send

Users can go to the Flashh Feed to keep up with what friends&other users are posting,access the Flashh directory to find & add different accounts to follow, and manage their profile & privacy options from their Settings.

Flashh’s mission is to build a better way for people to more freely, routinely, and securely express and interact with each other online. The idea was generated due to the huge demand for disappearing content sharing, especially from teens & young adults, who enjoy the freedom to share with friends and then have their digital footprints deleted.

While there are alternative apps in the impermanent digital sharing space, the vast majority are mobile platforms built primarily for temporary photo & video sharing. Flashh differentiates in this sense as it is a web platform conceived as an outlet for expressing Internet content people find while browsing. Users can Flashh not only photos & videos they take, but also anything they think of or discover online–sites, links, songs, stories, blog posts, memes, social media, YouTube clips, and more coming soon!

With features like auto-deletion and customizable post duration, Flashh aims to alleviate a number of social pressures presently preventing people from spontaneously sharing online. No more constantly deliberating how will my posts perform,what will the reaction be, how many likes or views will they gain, what if I regret this post later on, who has access to my content, etc.… With Flashh, you can have fun and feel safe sharing anything in the moment, on the web knowing that it will be gone in a flashh!

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Flashh is a Los Angeles-based disappearing social mediamessaging and discovery platform.

Website: www.Flashhapp.com

*Flashh iPhone mobile app coming to the App Store soon.

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