Here are Four Reasons Why Iowa is a Brilliant Place to Do Business from Home

When thinking about business hubs throughout the country, our minds instantly wander to the likes of New York City and the traditional hustle-and-bustle lifestyle, right?

Fair enough. But what if we said that sometimes the best places to do business are the ones that fly totally under the radar?

Sure, the Hawkeye state probably doesn’t even cross your mind when it comes to stellar places to do business. That said, statistics and local success stories paint a totally different picture of why Iowa is so attractive to home-based business owners.

For those looking for a quieter, cost-effective place to do business that’s as lucrative as a seemingly “bigger” business hub, consider why Iowa is a fantastic place to get started as an entrepreneur. Whether you already live here or are looking for somewhere to settle down, the following pointers may very well seal the deal for you.

Plenty of Staycation Opportunities

Simply put, Iowa offers that perfect balance of places to go and things to see for city-dwellers and nature lovers alike. Want to enjoy the nightlife in Des Moines? Check. Interested in hiking and canoeing at Pike’s Peak State Park? You can do that, too.

In short, locals get the best of both worlds when it comes to keeping busy and finding relaxing opportunities for a vacation. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to find RV rentals in Iowa that allow you to explore the best of what the state has to offer when you’re not knee-deep in business.

You Can Do Business in Des Moines

Speaking of Des Moines, there’s no denying that the state capital offers a wide range of potential clientele and networking opportunities for home-based business owners.

The city itself is incredibly wealthy, representing the headquarters of many insurance giants and major corporations. Meanwhile, the city itself offers tons of coworking opportunities and places to work for the day if you’re a freelancer.

The takeaway? This metro area is a potential goldmine for those running digital businesses marketing themselves to local businesses. The bustling business district in Des Moines also means conferences around happening pretty much around the clock, good news if you want to make some face-time with potential clients.

High Quality of Life….

Did you know that Iowa was recently ranked as the number one state by U.S News in 2018? Although the recognition even came as a bit of a shock to locals, it’s clear that Iowa indeed boasts a high quality of life for its locals, including top-five rankings for education, healthcare and opportunity, respectively.

This spells great news for those not only looking to start a business here, but also raise a family somewhere down the line. While the locals here are indeed friendly and happy due to Iowa’s fantastic social and business climate, the state itself strives to take care of its residents as well.

…And a Low Cost of Living

Finally, consider how Iowa’s relatively low cost of living seals the deal for those on the fence about starting a business here.

For example, even as the state’s biggest metro area and downtown district, Des Moines’ cost of living is 10% below the national average. Meanwhile, the average rent throughout the rest of the state is hundreds of dollars lower than any given apartment in the country.

The combination of these factors most definitely makes Iowa and enticing destination for potential entrepreneurial success stories. Regardless of your business or goals, the state is a sort of hidden gem for those looking to enjoy a happy populace and healthy business climate.