How to dial in to your inner motivation

If you and I are anything alike, then you may or may not experience bouts of unmotivated moments. At the end of most of my days, I experience this. I leave work at StreetText, get inside my semi-cooled home and just flop on the couch… not wanting to do anything else but binge watch net worthy tv-shows and movies to pass the time.

This is mostly because we’ve been having 36 degree days, which makes me nearly immobile and in constant search for shade… much like a desert newt.

Regardless of the temperature though, there are times where each of us reach moments of being unmotivated. We fall into patterns, stop going to the gym or cut corners on our work projects all because we’re feeling less and less motivated.  

Don’t worry, we feel you… which is why we’re going to outline some major key components and game changers that will help you kick your unmotivated butt back into high gear – so you achieve more, in less time. These might not all work for you, but I encourage you to try a few… in hopes one makes a lasting change to your work ethic.

The first: Make actual choices

One of the main reasons I become unmotivated is because I become too indecisive. In order to keep yourself motivated, you can’t be wayward. Sure, sometimes it might take you a little longer to make a decision, however if you sit on a decision long enough, you’re at risk of becoming complacent.

In order to keep yourself motivated, you should be confident in your decision making, regardless of what those decisions are.

As an example… if you’re planning on going to the gym after work, make the decision that you ARE going… so you don’t become complacent.

Second: Build more momentum

We naturally get more excited about things once we build momentum around them. If you’re dreading a certain activity, or task that you’re just not feeling – then try pumping yourself up.

As an example – some evenings, I have a hard time wanting to go running or hiking. After a long work day, being active is often the last things I’d like to do, regardless of it being important for my body and mind.

To get myself a little more excited about the possibility of activity in my evening, I might decide to get my dog jazzed about a walk. Getting my dog excited means I then NEED to take him for a run or for a walk, because if I get him excited and then not take him – I’m a subpar dog owner.

If we’re translating into the workplace, and you’re dreading a call or specific task – try and pump yourself out on a specific outcome of said task. As an example, I’m excited to complete this article, and send it off into the world because I know it might help a few people. The prospect of helping others turn their life around, and build more motivated scenarios for them is fulfilling, and giving me momentum to write more for our audience.

Get hyped guys! Because at the end of the day, momentum will help you become more motivated.

The third: Surround yourself with motivated people

This is a big one for me.

Because I’m a people pleaser, I often feel as though I need to keep up with people, or surpass them in terms of performance. I don’t ever want to fall short, which means I need to have people around me that challenge me, and bring out the best in terms of work ethic.

I obviously have good work ethic otherwise – however working in teams with equally motivated people allows me to grow, and challenge myself – which in turn keeps me more motivated.

Here’s my challenge to you, then. If you’re a remote worker, join some motivational Facebook Groups. They’ll help keep you on track, and assist in your growth and provide you with a community to touch base with every once and awhile.

If you work in an office, like myself… then be open with your co-workers, ask for feedback and deliver excellence. If you trust your co-workers and you’re open and transparent about your projects, you should have a team that exudes great quality work – which in turn should keep you motivated to be the best you can be.

The fourth: Keep yourself accountable for your actions and performance

YOU hold the key to your personal success. No one else.

If you’re feeling less and less motivated, it’s going to be up to you to change that. No one can make you more motivated about personal fitness, or being better in the workplace. If you want to change, you have to want to change. You can however, surround yourself with positive, hard working people that can assist you with your motivation, and constant threats of procrastination that might come your way.

David Naylor also writes that “When no one is around to say anything about our lack of progress, it’s easy to fall victim to procrastination and the distractions of life.”

Keep yourself on track, and surround yourself with good people. This recipe can only lead to good results.


Getting yourself motivated can be difficult, but not impossible. Try a few things, and discover new things about yourself in the process.

Challenging yourself to be more motivated will only help you understand what works best for you, and what triggers keep you on track to hitting your goals.

If a dog crazy, movie loving, part time vegan can keep herself motivated on on track, then I promise you can too.

“Elysse Bujold started her career at Disney Interactive Studios, where she grew on a project team advancing initiatives for the company.  To further her professional growth and development, she then decided to join StreetText – an online platform for Real Estate Lead Generation using Facebook Ad Marketing. Over the last year, Elysse has been driving marketing strategies and initiatives as well as content creating. StreetText is rooted in Kelowna, British Columbia.”