How To Flush THC Out Of Your System Naturally

Maybe you’re just curious or maybe you’re frantically pacing out trying to figure out how to keep your job, but if you’re wondering how to flush THC out of your system, you can rest assured that it isn’t generally impossible. For chronic smokers that have kept up a habit of smoking three times per day for years, some more drastic measures might need to be taken. When trying to pass a drug test with a detox method, especially a natural one, it’s more hopeful for occasional smokers that only smoke a few bowls per week after really rough nights or something. After all, smoking weed only a couple times a week means you can probably test negative for THC within 15 days of stopping entirely, so even if you only have a week of advance notice for the drug test, you still have a huge fighting chance at getting away with a fully natural detox.

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Sounds like a pretty strange word, but all diuretics are are liquids that make you need to urinate sooner and more often, like coffee or cranberry juice for example. These play a vital role in a natural detox method, but they can’t be your saving grace on their own. They’re not enough on their own because despite peeing a lot, you need to make sure your organs like your liver and kidneys which do all the filtration work for toxins in your body need to be properly nourished to function at maximum efficiency. So when wondering how to flush THC out of your system naturally, the answer is that it’s a combination of a healthy diet, proper hydration, and a consistent intake of diuretics to ensure that you urinate as many times a day as possible.

    Diet And Hydration

Eating healthy and drinking a ton of water is equally important to your plan. These two things are what provide energy for your organs to do what they have to do so if you want to get away scot free from that drug test next week you need to eat a balanced, healthy diet so that your organs are at optimum performance, as well as drink even more water than you’re peeing out all day long. Best of luck to you all out there.