Important Questions To Ask Your Video Editor

Choosing a video editor for your videography footage can be difficult. You want to have the option of video editing online and you want to find a video editing website that can meet your needs and that can create stunning video footage that will leave you and your clients speechless.

While you could do a Google search and choose the first one that comes up in the search results, that typically isn’t the best way to go about finding an online video editor. The best way to go about this and find a video editor that can meet your needs is to ask the following questions of the prospective editing service:

Questions To Ask Your Video Editor

  1. Can You Provide Relevant Work Samples? Always ask to see their previous work. Their creative eye and yours might not be the same.
  2. Can You Provide Client Testimonials? Client testimonials are one of the best ways to get a feel for the quality of work they provide.
  3. Can You Give Me A Specific Budget Breakdown? This is important because you want a video editing service that can provide a specific budget breakdown ensuring that you understand just what you are paying for.
  4. How Does The Video Review Process Work? Once the video editor delivers your draft, you have a certain amount of time to review the content and provide feedback.
  5. How will they share the draft videos with you? Knowing how you will receive the draft content is important. You don’t want to miss a delivery because you didn’t understand what format your content is going to be delivered in.
  6. What Videos Will You Deliver? Whether you are downsizing your videos to lower quality for publishing, you want to make sure that your video editor also provides you with the full resolution versions as well.
  7. How Long Do You Store My Raw Footage? Most video editing services will store your raw footage for a standard length of time and then delete it from their systems. Knowing how long they keep your raw footage is important especially if you happen to delete the footage from your own system accidentally.

By asking your video editing service these questions, you will be able to decide on one that suits your needs and your style of videography. To learn more about video editing online or to have your video footage professionally edited by experts, contact Viddedit today.

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