Larson&Holz – the best broker for long-term cooperation

Before any person who decided to link himself to the financial markets, the question of the brokerage company is relevant. And the more reliable the broker, the more chances to succeed in the trade. As for choosing a broker, the ratings allow you to choose absolutely any broker, according to various criteria, starting with the period of work, and ending with the number of reviews. In fact, the gold middle is the brokerage company Larson&Holz. On the one hand, a reliable broker, aimed at long-term work. Evidence is a large number of services and additional options for them. On the other hand, a lot of positive feedback. There are, of course, negative comments. But they are few. But, in fact, rely on the choice of a broker only for reviews, whatever they were, is not entirely correct. Since feedback is often devoid of either meaning or reason. So to speak, the paid reviews. But we will focus not on feedback, but on the real capabilities of the company.

The company Larson&Holz can not be called an old company, since it was opened in 2004. But this is not the period that is called young. After all, a lot of time has passed since the day of foundation and until today. The company continues to work, and this is a fact. The crisis of 2008 and 2009 did not break the company Larson&Holz, and it did not disappear, as happened with many broker companies. At that time, several large brokerage offices were closed. But the company not only did not break down, but also managed with dignity to get out of the situation. This clearly indicates that the company has developed an excellent strategy for its work.

As for services, there are a lot of them, and most of them have no analogues. That there is only a no deposit trading account, called no-deposit forex. This innovation shocked the whole brokerage world. Where else can you see that the broker bet on the account of $ 100, and allowed the trader to keep to himself the profit received from them. The maximum that other brokers can offer is a one-time bonus. Which way, you need to work. And even if the trader failed for the first time, you can register another no-deposit trading account. And the company Larson&Holz again put on the account of $ 100. This service seems to many to be ambiguous. It would seem, why suddenly companies risk their money? And the more so, what is the point of leaving all the profits to the trader. But after thinking, you can come to the conclusion that this service is designed primarily for motivation for traders. Agree, and why not try, if there is a real account, real $ 100, and zero risk. After all, the trader has nothing to lose. So you can trade as you like. But if a trader is serious about trading, then he will strive for stability. The first three days, and this time is allocated for trade, is enough to raise an adequate percentage of profits. Well and as to loss of money, broker company Larson&Holz basically, loses nothing. After all, take a brokerage company, and consider it from the side of the broker. To us these 100 dollars seem real. But this is only three figures. They will become real when we see them on our bank card. With the same success it is possible to put on the account of the client 1 000 000 dollars. If the customer loses it, it does not mean that the company will go bankrupt. This should be understood. But what is characteristic, the idea is really worthwhile. On the one hand, many customers are attracted. On the other hand, effective motivation for customers.

The Internet and the affiliate program from Larson&Holz company got agitated. We do not know who came up with this idea, but the idea is worthwhile. The partnership was replaced by the opening of a network of partner offices and companies. Now the company offers to any client to open its brokerage center. With the support of Larson&Holz. That is, the company is considered a parent in any case. In addition, as the partner center moves forward, additional facts are learned. It turns out that Larson&Holz provides financial assistance in the creation of a partner center. Material aid is not indicated, but financial assistance is sufficient. On this occasion, opinions differ. Again, why should a company invest in the creation and promotion of a partner center. In fact the head will be absolutely an extraneous person? We will answer this question in this way. Firstly, when creating a partner center, a person is not in any way an outsider. He is a full partner of the company, which has a contract drawn up from a legal point of view. An individual can not open a company. At the helm of the partner center is the client of the company. This must be understood. Secondly, investing money in the creation and promotion of a partner center, Larson&Holz simply invests a certain amount of money. After all, any partner center will work under the company’s label. Or under the jurisdiction of Larson&Holz. The benefit of the partner center is obvious. You do not have to spend money on opening a company. A consultant is provided to help with the preparation of all necessary documents. In addition, under the aegis of the company, advertising marketing is conducted. The new head of the partner center needs to be provided with an office, equipped with all the necessary equipment, and organize work with their clients. Agree, the costs are minimal, but what is the impact. It turns out that everyone remains in profit. The company Larson&Holz receives a new partner center, whose work will still be conducted through its main office. Well, the partner gets an open company in which new customers will be registered. In general, there are more than enough advantages.