Moti Ferder of Lugano Diamonds on the Trend of Men Wearing Engagement Rings

It is custom for men to give their wives engagement rings before they get married. This tradition can be traced back to the Roman Empire. After thousands of years of men giving their fiancés engagement rings, we have finally started taking a more egalitarian perspective.

A growing number of men are starting to wear engagement rings that their wives purchase. The trend has been sparked by a number of male celebrities that chose to wear the rings their fiancés have purchased for them.

Is this custom going to be common among the rest of the population as well? It is still too early to tell, but Moti Ferder, Design Director of Lugano Diamonds in Newport Beach, California says there are signs that more men are expressing an interest in wearing “man-gagement” rings.

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Ed Sheeran May Be Starting a Trend

A few years ago, Ed Sheeran got dissed by a number of bloggers for having a “toxic masculinity” problem. These criticisms are subjective and open for debate, but they are there nonetheless. The 27-year old actor seems to be trying to redeem himself by crafting a more egalitarian image.

Sheeran recently spoke on the British talk show Lorraine about his recent engagement. He said that his fiancé, Cherry Seaborn got him his own engagement ring. She reportedly made the man-gagement ring herself.

“I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings,” Sheeran, 27, told British talk show ”Lorraine.” “Cherry made it for me herself out of silver clay, I really like it.”

The Guardian recently wrote an article on the topic. They suggested that more men will follow Sheeran’s lead and wear engagement rings of their own. Some people pointed out the irony that even in an age where feminism is no longer a dirty word, the concept of men wearing engagement rings is no longer such as a taboo. They point out that engagement rings historically used to be a sign of ownership, so the idea of only a single spouse wearing one isn’t exactly the concept of equality.

As more men embrace egalitarianism, they are likely to start wearing their own engagement rings as a gesture of equality to their future bride. But what types of rings will they wear?

It is too early to say how the trend will take shape and whether it will be sustainable. However, there are a lot of possible directions. One possibility is that men will wear matching engagement rings as their spouse. However, the likelihood of this is not very high. Most men pay a lot of money for their fiancé’s engagement ring, so they are not going to be able to afford to pay twice as much for a ring of their own.

While the idea of men wearing engagement rings may be starting to gain momentum, most people will still expect women to wear the fancier rings. Men with engagement rings are likely to wear more modest pieces, such as the clay ring that Seaborn bought Sheeran.

However, some are likely to invest in pricier jewelry. They may even choose engagement rings adorned with small diamonds and other gems.