Nelson & Smith Attorneys – Wrongful Death Lawyers

Life is uncertain and often takes a wrong turn anytime without giving any warning. Accidents are often unavoidable, and not everyone is lucky enough to survive them. A person can be at the wrong place at a wrong time, its pure bad luck. However, when the accident which causes the death of a loved one, is caused due to negligent,  criminal intent or due to the fault of another person, it is highly recommended for the family of the deceased to approach wrongful death attorneys such as Nelson & Smith Attorneys.

Wrongful death can be the result of but not limited to driving under the influence or while being distracted, malfunction of heavy-duty equipment, death caused due to an accident caused by improper maintenance, neglect and abuse by nursing home team leading to death, wrongful use of lethal force by law enforcement authorities leading to death etc. Nelson & Smith Attorney represents spouse, children, parents, or an estate representative of the deceased person in making a wrongful death or an estate claim.

Nelson & Smith Attorney understand that no amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one. However, a lawsuit for wrongful death can help provide the family with a sense of justice and closure. The financial compensation can help the family with the loss of income and benefits the deceased person might have earned over their lifetime, covering funeral expenses and other medical expenses that might be needed to overcome the trauma of the loss of a loved one.

Nelson & Smith Attorney also assist families and dependants of the deceased where there is involvement of insurance companies in cases such as wrongful death as a result of a motor vehicle accident, construction accident, workplace accident. Nelson & Smith Attorney ensure a thorough investigation to evaluate the liability in a wrongful death case guaranteeing a better award of damages by the insurance companies.

Nelson & Smith Attorney highly recommend families and dependants of victims of wrongful death to contact wrongful death attorney to seek counsel for their case. Nelson & Smith Attorney provide a free of charge no-obligationcounselling even though, claim for wrongful death can be filed within two years, it is best to proceed with the filing of wrongful death lawsuit at the earliest possible time to ensure maximum compensation and speedy delivery of justice.