Preserving the goodness of mother

Mother not only preserves the child for nine months in his womb but she continues to preserve the child all through the life by cord blood banking. When the child develops from a fertilized egg, and then during the development of the child umbilical cord also develops which is the binding between the mother and her child. This umbilical cord which is deemed as medical waste can be used to collect the blood of the cord, which contains the cells which are identical to cells of the mother.

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What is the usage of these blood cells?   

People may ask this question that is cord blood banking worth it. Then it is worthwhile to know that these blood cells are the nature’s health insurance to the child. These cells have the unique quality of growing in any type of cells. In the case of any life threatening disease, these cells can be put to multiple usages. In the first instance, they can be used to decide the antibiotic to be used to treat the child against any disease. These antibiotics are going to work as wonders to the patients as these antibiotics are genetically selected. In case if the child is suffering from the life threatening disease then these cells can be used to regenerate the cells, which is required by the body.

Other usage of the blood cells

  • These blood cells can be used to treat more than 80 diseases and many more diseases are under intensive investigation which can be treated with these blood cells.
  • They can be used to develop new organs for the child if the person has any organ damaged by any disease. The child could be a perfect donor to the mother and vice versa.
  • They can be used to develop various types of body cells due to their unique quality of developing in any type of body cells as required by the body.