Saving Space: Compacting Trash

Trash can take up tremendous amounts of space in both your home and in landfills. Going through trash bags seems to happen so quickly, especially if you work in a business or office. Trash compactors can help eliminate this problem.

What Do Trash Compactors Do?

A trash compactor allows homeowners and business owners to reduce the amount of garbage bags they use, which means they are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Trash compactors allow you to reduce the amount of plastic that heads to landfills, and they make taking out the trash less labour-intensive.

Once loaded, trash compactors do exactly as their name suggests: they make your trash more compact. To do this, a metal ram crushes down on the trash inside the bin to break it down and force everything together. Typically, when we throw our trash away, even empty boxes, bottles, or containers take up a lot of space because we can’t squeeze them down. The trash compactor, which operates by motor, does have the strength to compress all air out of the garbage, making tons of extra room.

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What Are the Benefits of a Trash Compactor?

Trash compactors mean that less plastic trash bags are going to the landfill to sit for several years. Additionally, home and business owners who use trash compactors report paying less for garbage removal. This is because there are less physical bags to remove, and so your trash doesn’t take up as much space.

How Do I Maintain My Trash Compactor?

Maintaining a trash compactor can be simple, but be careful. Trash compactors are powerful machines and can cause serious personal injury if handled incorrectly. Before handling any trash compactor, the motor should be completely turned off. If you own a trash compactor for personal use, it should be well-kept and clean to prevent bacteria from growing, which can cause the compactor to smell. Cleaning it with an anti-bacterial cleaner should be a regular occurrence. Additionally, any filters in your trash compactor should be replaced two times per year to keep it running efficiently. If you do find the trash compactor is not functioning at optimal levels, contact services for garbage compactor repair in Portsmouth.

How Will My Trash Compactor Be Repaired?

Repairs will vary, though it should be noted that the more increased waste we have, the more powerful of a compactor we will need. It should not come as a surprise that the most common problem to repair is issues with the hydraulics. Depending on the cost, you can decide whether it is in your best interests to repair and order new parts, or to replace the machine entirely. The hoses, fittings, and connections may need to be tightened for repairs in order to get your compactor functioning again, because it is easy for these parts to be loosened over extensive use.