What souvenirs to bring from Latvia

Go to Latvia to see beautiful cities and nature, take a dip in the sea and get well at the resort. Very popular junket tours to Riga, Storm International Michael Boettcher clarified.

However, it is impossible to return from the journey without gifts. Amber is the most popular souvenir from Latvia. It is cheap, and may be found all around the country stores. The main thing is a beautiful stone, considered to be a family stone, bringing happiness to the house. Yes, it also has medicinal properties, it is advised to wear it to those who have problems with the thyroid gland.

A well-known Latvian souvenir – leather goods – bookmarks, covers for books.

People who rest on the junket tour can bring casino chips, Storm International John Harrek said.

You may buy beautiful sweaters made of wool in national style, linen products, and fashionable socks.

It is good to bring a balm from Riga in a clay bottle, local beer. In addition to beer you can grab smoked cheese, as well as some with cumin.