Why might you need a vacuum pump?

You need an atmosphere which is perfect for correctly processing the parts of a component. To create that atmosphere you have to have control over the surrounding atmosphere; therefore, you need vacuum furnaces.

To know if you need a vacuum pump or not, you should consider few things:

  1. Nothing else can be used, but the only vacuum can do it.
  2. The only vacuum can do the better job from the metallurgical point of view.
  3. The only vacuum helps you complete the job cheaper economically.
  4. The only vacuum can do the job better from surface finish point of view.
  5. The only vacuum can do the job better from environment point of view.

To preciously control the surface reactions, heat treatment from vacuum does the far better job compared to any other form of thermal processing. The vacuum also can take off contaminants and unwanted substances from the surfaces.

In many industries vacuum processing are used:

  • Coating
  • Solar
  • Analytical Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Food and packaging
  • Research and development
  • Semiconductor Technology

Heat-treating industries use the following processes:

  • Annealing
  • Hardening
  • Case Hardening, for example, nitriding, carburizing.
  • Brazing
  • Tempering
  • Special Processes, for example, diffusion bonding, degassing.
  • Sintering

Some History:

Otto van Guericke invented the vacuum pump in 1650. Suction pumps were the predecessors of the vacuum pump. In the literature of 13th-century suction pumps were described by Arabic engineer, Al-Jazari.

On the 17th century, vacuum pumps for water were designed with much-improved technology, but the problem was that suction pump was unable to pull water after a certain level.

In 1855, pump with mercury displacement was invented by Heinrich Geissler, which could reach a vacuum up to 10 Pa.

Nikola Tesla made an apparatus containing Sprengel pump which could create a high degree of exhaustion.

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