Win Buy Box is the Key for How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners Successfully

Are you an online seller looking to sale your product offers via Amazon marketplace? Do you want to grab a pool of opportunities offered to sellers by Amazon Group? If yes, you should definitely know the key to win Buy Box, as highlighted by experts of how to sell on Amazon for beginners.

With the objective to be a Buy Box winner, you should make sure about eligibility of your listed product items and you both. For this, you have to focus on following important things to increase your eligibility and winning probability on Amazon.

Competitively Price Your Offered Product Items

Experts of Ecom Income Blueprint have mentioned a few effective ways to check and assure about pricing of your items in a competitive manner, which include

  • Visit the page highlighting Manage Pricing, where you find Buy Box Price column highlighting about the winner offer, even though it is not of yours.
  • View the Pricing Dashboard based on real time data about the prices of your items and compares them with other available offers.
  • Look into the necessary pricing recommendations, as highlighting in the report of Selling Coach Pricing.

Faster Shipping Options

Sellers offering relatively faster options related to shipping of products have higher probability to be the Buy Box winner. For this, you should check available options in the Shipping Settings section.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is measurable in different ways and for this, you should check your seller’s Account Health. Particularly, you should focus on order defect rate, late shipment rate and cancellation rate to consider your Buy Box status. These metrics not only help you to win the Buy box based on strong account health, but also let you earn trust and respective from your customers.

Availability of Stocks

Lastly, you should make sure about keeping the inventory/product stocks updated and make plans according to the items selling quickly.