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Commercial Property for Rent in Birmingham

The growth of the commercial index in the United Kingdom corresponds to the demand in commercial properties. With Birmingham featuring prominently in this study, a lot of entrepreneurs want to have a piece of this pie. goes out to show you the amazing commercial property to rent there is in Birmingham, and their significance based on the nature of the business undertaken. 

Factors to Consider when Locating a Commercial Property
The commercial aspect takes precedence when looking for a property for business. This space affects the business in the following ways

1. Population – this is the most significant aspect when setting up a business. The size of the population has a direct relationship with the market and consumption. However, research should be undertaken to ascertain the consumption habits of the people and the possible go-to-market tactics for conversion. Birmingham’s 1.2 million people can offer good ground for any business.

2. Infrastructure development – accessibility to and from any commercial centre influences trading arrangements. Birmingham transport network consists of expansive bus routes, a high-speed train, and an airport. This opens up the location to the outside world.

3. Proximity to other towns – the movement of people and goods widens the network which the products can reach nearby areas. The cities of Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield offer expansion coverage for production units set in Birmingham. 

Type of Commercial Properties in Birmingham

• Retail Outlets – being a metropolitan area, fast-moving consumer goods and services are prominent. There are provisions for commercial property to rent on sites like, which gives a wide variety of choices within the metropolis. They include 156 High Street, 185 -187 SOHO Road, 3 St. Marys Row, to mention but a few.

• Office Spaces – most high storey buildings within the Birmingham city have office spaces. They have top-notch designs with attractive finishes. The offices range from small to large and can be found throughout the city. Among the notable spaces in this category found on are the St. Philip’s Point at Temple Row, No 1 Colmore Square, Bennetts Hill, among others.

• Industrial Parks – ideal for production industries, these locations provides room for processing, packaging, and other logistical features. Prime Locations has industrial properties at DC5 Prologis Park, Unit 1 at National Exhibition Centre and Hunters Road in Hockley. 

  • Customised outlets– there are other properties designed to house specific businesses. A good example of Proplist is the B66 4BW at Bearwood Road, which is suited for a hotel and Retail Land.

    For businesses starting in Birmingham, there are a lot of spaces for every venture, and a price range to suit all needs. Proplist not only market these properties but also give an objective analysis of properties and the realty markets.