How to learn price action trading strategy

The price action trading strategy can be very useful for retail traders. Those who have learned the art of the price action trading strategy are making a decent profit from this market. Unlike other trading strategies, price action trading is based on the raw price movement. If you manage to learn this trading technique, you can expect to make a decent profit in this market. Trading is a job for the elite. If you can learn to trade the market like the pro-Singaporean traders you can easily make a decent profit without losing a big sum of money. To make things easier, we are going to give you some amazing tips that will help you to learn the price action trading method.

Benefits of using price action signals

The majority of traders prefer to use the indicators because they think it is the best way to find great trades. But things are not as easy they seem. Have a look at the professional traders and you will understand why they prefer to use the price action trading method. At the initial stage, you need to keep things simple. The price action trading strategy allows the retail traders to find the best possible trades in the market. Most of the time the traders execute the trades based on the candlestick pattern. Things are really simple and you can easily use tight stop loss in each trade.

Learning about the candlestick pattern

Learning about the candlestick pattern in the Forex trading industry is a tough job. But if you manage to decipher the key reason behind the formation of each candlestick, you can easily learn about the patterns. You don’t have to memorize all the patterns to make a decent profit from this market. Just by learning about the basic patterns you can easily earn a huge profit. Each candlestick has a different story to tell. Try to understand the language of this market so that you can execute the best possible trades at the critical support and resistance level.

Learn to trade the demo account

Before you start trading the market with the help of a price action trading strategy, you need to read more about the demo trading environment. There is no reason to risk your real money when you can learn the art of trading with the virtual dollar. Stop making things overly complicated and try to focus on long term goals. You don’t have to push yourself to the extreme point since it never works at trading. Think like the smart trader and try to learn from your mistakes. Things might be challenging but there is nothing to lose in the demo environment. Find the mistakes and try to develop your skills by finding a solution or a way to avoid them. Once you manage to demo trade the market with the help of a price action trading strategy, start using real money to trade the market.

Focus on the trend

Though the price action trading strategy offers great profit-making opportunities to retail traders, you will lose some trades. Some traders think the price action trading strategy is based on a reversal trading pattern. But this is not all true. You need to focus on trends and try to trade in favor of the prevailing trend. By doing so you will be able to reduce risk to a great extent. Think like the elite traders who know the perfect way to deal with the complicated price movement. No matter what, you should never trade this market with high risk as it will ruin your career.


By now you know the details which can help you to become a professional price action trader. Things might be hard at the initial stage but if you follow the rules, you can expect to master this technique in less than six months. Being a price action trader, always try to trade this market with a well-reputed broker since they can offer you the best trading platform for analyzing the raw data.