Know The Advantages Of ELD Solutions Over BYOD Options

Since you have to upgrade your fleet mandatorily, it is natural that you will weigh all available options to make the right decision. Therefore, while choosing between ELD solutions and BYOD options, make sure that you consider the advantages that each provides, the cost, the need of your business and overall the value each will add to your business and its operations. You must make sure that you get what you pay for as it is common that every business is set with a price point based on its budget while making a shift to a new technology to make your investment worthy.

Know about BYOD

BYOD may seem to be a less expensive alternative up front but when you know about it and take the total cost of ownership into account you will see why an ELD solution is far better. The potential return on investment and total cost of ownership and other benefits gained are more and comprehensive when you use an ELD solution.BYOD options are not actually cheaper as you will have to pay monthly per driver instead of each vehicle. Moreover, you have limited device choices that are not designed to withstand harsh environments. Most importantly, it causes distracted driving and heavy fines as holding or interacting with a phone while driving is not allowed by law.

Benefits of ELD solutions

When you install your vehicle with an ELD device you will gain several benefits apart from ELD compliance. Your fleet will pay less in the long run as the monthly charge is calculated per truck. All data will be included in this safer option that comes with a safety lockout feature. This prevents any interaction while the vehicle is in motion preventing fines and accidents as well. With the GPS tracking feature built-in, you do not need to buy a separate device and therefore curb your costs even further.